The Human Person as a Relational Being: Transdisciplinary Perspectives


In the second semester of 2023-2024, a group of professors and collaborators will offer a transdisciplinary course in the Alphonsian Academy entitled La persona umana come essere relazionale. Prospettive transdisciplinari”. The course will comprise three parts: 1. Introduction; 2. Selected Authors and Texts; 3. Five Paradigms (personalist, phenomenological, psychological, sociological and theological).

Fr Martin McKeever, CSsR, author of the first of a series of posts entitled “, will examine each of these five paradigms in a preliminary way. As he writes in his initial post, The Term “Paradigm” Shifts Paradigm, he will take a closer look at the idea of a paradigm, especially in the context of moral-theological discussion. 

You can follow the course on Alphonsian Academy’s website.