A Palestinian Christian’s account of trauma and resilience


Common Home TV, linked to the Redemptorists of Oceania, presented a thought-provoking conversation with psychotherapist and activist Hammam Farah in this programme yesterday (23/01/2024). Hammam is a Palestinian Christian residing and working in Toronto, Canada. Hammam’s background in trama, provides a unique perspective on the unfolding events in Gaza, shedding light on the experiences of the Christian community in the region. Tragically, Hammam’s family is currently sheltering in Holy Family Catholic Church, the site of the murder of two unarmed women at the hands of IDF snipers.

A Palestinian Christian’s account of trauma and resilience is available at:


The interview explores various aspects of the ongoing crisis, delving into the intersection of trauma, faith, and the impact of this conflict on Palestinian Christians. Hammam’s insights offer a compelling narrative, dispelling misconceptions and addressing the nuances often overlooked in mainstream discourse.

The interview explores pivotal aspects of this war, spanning from the fatal shooting at the Holy Family Church in Gaza, to highlighting the importance of acknowledging the shared experiences of Palestinian Christians and Muslims. The discussion further delved into the profound trauma impacting both Palestinians and Israelis, underscoring the crucial need for a comprehensive understanding of the root causes propelling the conflict.

“Everyone who remains in Gaza is being traumatised by this war of attrition. No one is safe from the possibility of death, and the violence of this war will have a lasting effect on the hearts and minds of its most vulnerable people. Hammam challenges the world to walk with empathy in the shoes of ordinary Palestinians who cry out for an end to war, and for help to negotiate a just resolution of their grievances. Without empathy, there can be no trust and no desire to find common ground, or develop a common home.” – John Hodgson CSsR, Provincial, Redemptorists of Oceania.

As a Redemptorist apostolate, Common Home TV continues its mission to promote inclusivity and understanding.

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