Missionaries of hope in the suffering country of Haiti


“A war that dares not speak its name”

Haiti is experiencing a moment of extreme violence. The people live in panic while a situation of economic misery dominates the country. International organizations are abandoning the poor who need everything right now. The Redemptorists, who have been present on the island for more than 94 years, continue to bear witness to the prophetic voice of the Gospel among the poorest. Father Renold Antoine CSsR, gave an interview to Common Home TV, an internet TV channel of the Redemptorists in Oceania.

Reflecting on the chronic instability plaguing Haiti, Father Renold Antoine highlights issues such as corruption, impunity, and unemployment, which aggravate the situation. He talks about how violence increases and criminal gangs exercise their influence; the safety of members of the clergy becomes increasingly precarious, with kidnappings of religious people and missionaries.

Scala News shares in this video the commitment of our missionaries and their communities and asks everyone for their prayers to have the strength to continue preaching the Gospel as missionaries of hope in the footsteps of the Redeemer.

“A war that dares not speak its name”, under this title is the interview that you can see in this link: https://bit.ly/43w9PeD

The interview with Fr. Renold is hosted by Matt Howard, in French, and a transcript of the interview in English is also available.

Scala News

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