Europe South: The Provincial’s visit continues


Fr. Gennaro Sorrentino, Provincial Superior of Southern Europe, also visited Pagani for reflection and sharing, accompanied by the provincial councillor, Fr. Massimiliano Guardini. On Thursday, May 2, he met the communities of Pagani, Scala, Marianella, and the hills of St Alphonsus. The fraternal visit continued for two consecutive days.

Starting from the extraordinary passage of the Acts of the Apostles (Ch. 15), we were guided to reflect on the pillars of the Church, Peter and Paul, and how their different positions led the Church to that discernment to be aware of itself and of the mandate received from Christ. And “they rejoiced at the encouragement he gave,” Acts 15:31 reminds us.

The challenges that lie ahead are not few, but to the extent that we are connected with our vocation, Fr. Gennaro reminded us of the possibility of the Mission and the announcement of the abundant redemption opens up.

The presentation of the apostolate in every area of ​​our Province made possible discernment on first future community projects not only to be created at the table but, above all, to be verified in the community journey that starts again in the coming months.

Fr. Vincenzo Loiodice, C.Ss.R.