Alphonsian Academy: A Study Day on 21 November 2024


“The fulfilment of the law is love.”

The Pontifical Institute of the Alphonsian Academy of Rome is organizing a Study Day on topics of Moral Theology for Thursday, 21 November 2024. The propitious occasion is a double anniversary: ​​the 70th anniversary of the publication of the manual The Law of Christ by B. Häring and the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Higher Institute of Moral Theology.

In addition to the reports and the round table that are planned to be organized and which will also be accessible via the web, the Academy wants to promote a collateral initiative involving the many entities connected to it. As happens on the occasion of other conferences, we would like to receive posters illustrating the pastoral and academic activity carried out on the different continents. The theme is:  In the footsteps of Saint Alphonsus on the path of merciful benevolence, and includes 3 sections on the following themes:

  1. The Redemptorists’ commitment to evangelization and human promotion in the world (with particular attention to the themes of ecology and peace);
  2. Alphonsian-inspired moral theology in Redemptorist educational institutions;
  3. Research projects on current and controversial topics in moral theology.

The posters produced must be original and unpublished. They must be sent in A2 PDF format (high resolution for printing) to the email address  no later than 30 September 2024. Those selected will be exhibited and presented in plenary.

Hoping for your participation, cordially greetings to you.

The Dean of the Alphonsian Academy
and the Scientific Committee