India: Redemptorist Media Center – Meet, Greet & Share


A heartwarming initiative by the Redemptorists priests at Redemptorist Media Center. With over 63,900 dedicated subscribers and counting, we were thrilled to bring this gathering to life where we celebrated faith, family and community.

The event was hosted in four different cities so far-beginning with Kolkata in September 2023 (with 20 attendees), Goa in March 2024 (nearly 50 attendees), Bangalore and Mumbai in April 2024 (around 60 & 80 + attendees respectively.)

Imagine walking into the venue greeted by warm smiles and the gentle presence of the Redemptorist Fathers, whom they’ve been watching all the while on the TV screens or mobile phones. 

Their kind eyes and warm smiles instantly put them at ease. They felt a sense of belonging and connection unlike any other. It was a place where hearts open, spirits soar, and souls find solace.

There was a structured agenda that the gathering maintained consistency across all cities while ensuring a meaningful and engaging experience for all. As the event unfolded, people had the opportunity to connect face-to-face with fellow subscribers who shared the same passion of deepening their faith journey.

The gathering kicked off with a personal introduction from one of our beloved fathers, setting the tone for an evening of meaningful conversations and shared experiences. Through a thought-provoking talk, one of our priests delves into the essence of community and the spiritual richness of the Redemptorist tradition, offering insights that resonate with the hearts of all present.

Next, our very own Fr Charles – took a moment to reflect on the journey of our YouTube channel, tracing its humble beginnings to the vibrant community it is today. With each milestone, we’ve been privileged to witness the transformative power of faith-filled content in the lives of our subscribers.

But the evening wasn’t just about reflection; it was also about active participation and engagement. In our interactive “Like, Share & Comment” segments, all the participants were invited to physically express their support by liking, sharing, and commenting on their favourite videos. Their feedback fuels our mission and inspires us to continue spreading the message of preaching the Gospel ever anew.

And what’s a celebration without a touch of excitement? As a token of our appreciation for their unwavering support, we had prepared an array of exciting gifts for a lucky few. With each draw of the lucky dip, hearts raced and smiles lit up the room as winners were announced, representing the joy of community and shared blessings.

So, whether they were a longtime subscriber or new to our channel, “Meet, Greet & Share” was an invitation to deepen connections, share stories, and journey together in faith. We embarked on an evening full of fellowship, inspiration, and the boundless grace of God’s love doubled in every city visited! 

RMC Team