Indonesian Redemptorists transferred to Viceprovince of Japan 


In early May, the Indonesian Provincial, Fr Jack Umbu Warata, and Fr Roby Bayo travelled to the Viceprovince of Japan and visited the communities in this Unit.  

On this occasion, many things were discussed related to the relationship and cooperation between the two Redemptorist units in the region. Several Indonesian confreres already ministering in the Viceprovince of Japan strengthened the fraternal bonds.  

After visiting almost all the communities there, the Viceprovincial of Japan, Fr Inoue Takeshi, and his council met with Fr Jack and Fr Roby. The Asia and Oceania Conference (ASIOC) Coordinator, Fr Kimy Ndelo, also attended this meeting.  

In conclusion, they celebrated Eucharistic with all community members who could attend on 6 May 2024. On that occasion, Fr Ofan, Fr Yanto and Fr Faber officially transferred from the Indonesian Province to the Viceprovince of Japan.  

Fr Inoue presided over the Eucharist accompanied by the Indonesian Provincial, the Asia Oceania coordinator and Fr Roby Bayo, together with a dozen confreres. Dozens of parishioners also witnessed the solemn celebration.  

In his speech, the Indonesian Provincial explained the brief history of the Indonesian Redemptorist mission. Everything that happens today, the provincial continued, is because of God Himself. “Paul planted, Apollos watered, but it is God who gives the growth,” said the Provincial, quoting 1 Corinthians 3:3-6. 

Congratulations to Fr Ofan, Fr Faber and Fr Yanto. May your presence and dedication in ministry bring more hope in a world full of opportunities and challenges. Initiative and creativity are always sought in all endeavours that we undertake for the sake of abundant redemption. 

Willy Ng Pala  CSsR