Redemptorist Nuns participated in the Permanent Formation Course of the “Blessed Mary Celeste” Federation


The Redemptorist Nuns Monastery in Kežmarok, Slovakia, from the 1st to the 9th of May, hosted the first Permanent Formation Course of the “Blessed Mary Celeste” Federation, which embraces 21 Monasteries in four Continents: Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

There were 13 registered participants representing Monasteries from Italy, Africa, Kazakhstan, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. Latin America was not present for various reasons, and the Community of Haiti could not send a sister because, given the current political situation, she was not granted a visa.

The theme chosen by the formator, Sr Kazimiera Kut OSsR, and an assistant, Fr Piotr Chyla CSsR, was about our first rule: “Unity and mutual love in Redemptorist Communities today“. This topic was deepened from various aspects: from the biblical point of view, according to our Constitutions, from the writings of our Foundress, Blessed Maria Celeste Crostarosa, according to the Documents of the Church and from the point of view of human formation.

The speakers were:
P. Piotr Chyla, CSsR
P. Andrzej S. Wodka, CSsR
P. Sabatino Majorano, CSsR
P. Vaclav Hypius, CSsR
Sister Maria D’Amato, OSsR (Superior of Scala Monastery)

We thank the speakers who made their expertise and preparation available to us. Their presence made it possible to strengthen the spirit of unity of our Redemptorist family. It was also an excellent choice to stay in one of our Monasteries. The Community of Kežmarok actually made itself a mother’s womb during the days of the course, welcoming us and helping us prepare the Liturgy of the Hours and the Eucharistic Celebration, expressed in various languages.

The Holy Spirit was at work among us, giving colour and life to our prayer. The opportunity for communion that was created despite the diversity of languages and cultures was significant; the fraternal exchange, the unity of hearts and the many opportunities to share on the proposed theme made those days unforgettable! We also had the chance to visit the other Redemptorist Nuns Communities of Bielsko-Biala and Vranov, whom we thank for their welcome.

In those days, we became more clearly aware of the presence of the Blessed Mary Celeste Federation, which helped us deepen the union between our Monasteries. Above all, we got to meet and study together, which would have been impossible without it. We returned to our communities with a heart full of joy and a treasure that had been poured into our hearts, and we are now ready to share it with our sisters. Thanks be to God for this beautiful and enriching experience.

Many thanks to all those who collaborated to make the course successful. Even though it was the first time it was organised, we have great hope in our hearts: to walk into the future together!

Blessed Mary Celeste Federation