Month of May: celebrating the ‘Mother’ and mothers. Welcoming, caring, accompanying

Artificially generated illustration (Midjourney).

Artificially generated illustration (Midjourney)

The article from  the Alphonsian Academy Blog

From a human and religious point of view, this month of the year offers two festive motifs, so present in many socio-cultural realities: the month dedicated to Mary and Mother’s Day. Of course, this is not the case throughout the world, although, to a large extent, it is. Elsewhere, for historical, religious, geographical and commercial reasons, either there is no Marian month or it is celebrated in another month, and Mother’s Day – much more present in almost all countries – has different celebration dates.

This month, we remember and celebrate Mary and mothers because both represent the most profound meaning of what the God-of-Life wants to reveal to us through them as women, mothers, and paradigms of life. Mary is not only a mother because of her biological conception but because of her motherhood as the welcoming, caring and accompanying of the human experience of Jesus. She undoubtedly contributed to the ethos of Jesus’ daily family life. She was a diligent, believing woman who stood as a mother to the author of life, sharing his life and mission. Thus, mothers, too, are not just mothers because of a mere biological relationship – there are several ways to become a mother – but by living their life and mission in the style of Mary, who welcomes, cares for and accompanies life as it unfolds.

If we do not want to remain in superficial, commercial, and pious sentimentality, this month of May can be an opportunity to make visible the importance of women and the breadth of the vocation to motherhood as privileged places to realise the salvific presence of the God-of-Life.

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