Province of Europe South: Meeting on Evangelisation Projects


On Wednesday, 24 April, at 17:00, an online meeting of Redemptorists and lay partners from the new Province of Europe South (Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy) took place. More than 30 people from the different units connected.

The meeting was the initiative of Cesplam, the itinerant missionary team of Spain. The purpose was simple: to initiate a dialogue between Redemptorists interested in Evangelisation in different countries, to see the state of missionary pastoral work carried out in different realities, and to share challenges, visions, and possible perspectives for common work.

No conclusions or decisions were reached, as it was not a meeting or a suitable forum for such purposes, but it was an interesting contact to begin to share life and mission. The opportunity to meet face-to-face for a few days at the beginning of July (2-4) in Madrid and, with more time, to deal more deeply with the questions and the missionary project of Southern Europe was raised.

Víctor Chacón, CSsR