The Visit of Fr General to the Redemptorist Parish of St Clement Hofbauer, Katikuloku, Central of Sumba and to the Diocesan Pastoral, Catechetical and Social Service Centre in Sumba.


On Saturday the 6th of July 2024 Fr Rogerio Gomes, C.Ss.R. Superior General, Fr Joseph Ivel Mendanha, C.Ss.R., and Fr Paul Vinh C.Ss.R., General Consultors visited the parish of St. Clement Hofbauer in Katikuloku in Central Sumba. Fr General and the two consultors along with Fr Jack the Provincial of Indonesia were warmly welcomed by over 200 children of the parish who were singing and dancing in welcome. The Parish of St Clement is one of the largest parishes in the Island of Sumba, in Central Sumba. This parish has over 13000 parishioners with 28 substations each with its own Church. Each substation has mass once a month only, but the Sunday liturgy is conducted each Sunday by well-trained lay Catechists. The Church and most of the churches of the sub-stations were built by the German Redemptorist Missionaries. Fr Rogerio, Frs Ivel and Paul interacted with the Parish Council and then offered the Parish Priest Fr. Laurensius Lino Mararn, C.Ss.R. and team consisting of Fr Karolus Kia Lajar, C.Ss.R, and Bro, Juliant Pedro Claudio a word of encouragement and a blessing.

Fr Rogerio along with Frs Ivel and Paul then visited “Pushpas” the Diocesan Pastoral, Catechetical and Social Service Centre in Katikuloku. This centre was first begun by the German Redemptorist Missionaries and now is being run under the direction of a Redemptorist Confrere, Fr Simon Tenda C.Ss.R., and Bro Dominikus Maxi Bulu, C.Ss.R. The Centre takes care of training programs for lay leaders, the retreats for all groups of people, youth, children, religious and priests. The centre apart from Pastoral and Catechetical programs also does training in social work projects. This was a wonderful time of interaction with the Director and staff and the entire team of the Centre. It was a joy to see the Redemptorist Contribution towards the life of the diocese of Sumba. Fr Rogerio offered a few words of encouragement and then blessed the gathering after a festive lunch.

The 18 new novices along with Fr. Marianus the Novice Master were also present at the Centre and Fr Rogerio and the Consultors met with them and encouraged them in their journey into Redemptorist Consecrated life and together all sang the Salve Regina and received a blessing from Fr Rogerio Gomes.

Fr Joseph Ivel Mendanha, C.Ss.R.
General Consultor