Situation of Redemptorists in Haiti


The hurricane lashed the entire country with strong winds, rains and storm surges. Our communities in Port au Prince, Cap Haitien and Hinche were spared. But the south of the country where we have three communities (two in Les Cayes and one in Jérémie) is cut off from the rest of the country. As of now it is not possible to reach these communities. It is also difficult to receive news from them. Yesterday after much time trying to reach the confreres in Les Cayes we were finally able to reach them by telephone for only five minutes. In their region there is a lot of flooding, mudslides and lots of damage. The parish church of Chateau is completely destroyed. All the families of the confreres from the south have been hit hard by the hurricane. Fortunately we have no reports of anyone of ours wounded or dead.

We have one community in Jérémie. We have not been able to communicate with the confreres there. All means of communication is cut off at the moment. Only by helicopter is it possible to reach Jérémie.

father Kenol Chery CSsR, superior regional from Haití


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