Second Symposium of Redemptorist Publications in Brazil


The second symposium of Redemptorist Publications was held in Trinidad, Goias (Brazil) between 17 and 20 July 2017. The meeting has sought to bring together writers, Redemptorist editors and others working in publications and publishing houses. The first symposium took place in Aparecida in 2016 (see 24/06/2016), by the initiative of the Managing Council of ‘Editora Santuário’ which was hosted by the Union of Redemptorists in Brazil (URB).’

The symposium was rich with the participation of the Redemptorists of various (Vice) Provinces of Brazil, that is, authors, writers or confreres working in the field of publishing and publications. There was also a good participation by the lay people. The meeting was based on the present communication scenario in Brazil and the current challenges and perspectives of the publishing market. The second part of the meeting was devoted to discussing the initiatives that help the formation of new Redemptorist authors.
Among the various collaborators at the meeting were: Professor Moisés Sbardeloto from Unisinos to Sao Leopoldo, Professor Claudemir Modolo Alves and Editorial Consultant of Paulus Editore. As for the formation of new Redemptorist authors, there were Fables Fábio Evaristo and Ferdinando Mancilio of the Editorial Team of the Shrine.

During the meeting, participants could visit the publishing house Scala in Goiania of the Redemptorist Missionaries of Goias. The symposium ended on Thursday 20 with a Mass in the Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Goiania.