Commission for the Alphonsian Day during the World Youth Day, Panama 2019


Youth, Witnesses of the Redeemer at the service of the mission

This comes to you from Central America where taking advantage of the preparations for World Youth Day in Panama, we have entered a land between two oceans, a sign of man’s power to transform indomitable nature, a land full of natural dangers, into a place full of the wonders of the world. It is the result of skilled architects, specializing in the ability to take land from the sea; builders of impenetrable walls that match the tropical climate that does not leave any space empty. In short, it is a welcoming land, of all blood and cultures. It is a port of intercommunication, symbol of traditional values, of typical dances that exalt the pride and simplicity of its people.

For us Redemptorists, it is the earth, the margins and the place of the wounded, that shout to our hearts: “be a Congregation that reaches out,“ “be witnesses of the Redeemer” and “in missionary solidarity with our central American sisters and brothers,” especially co-responsible for welcoming thousands of young pilgrims to Panama from January 22-27, 2019.

As Redemptorists, delegates for the preparation of the Alphonsian World  Youth Day(JMA), we met for five days. Thanks go to Fr. Gustavo, who made our stay an opportunity for evangelization and encounter with young people, with parish groups and with parishioners from the two Redemptorist parishes in Panama, through celebrations of the Eucharist and fraternal get-togethers at the common table.

The priests of the preparatory committee are:

a) For URNALC, Father Nery René Méndez (provincial superior of Central America);

b) For URB, Father Fabio Pascoal (Province of Goiás);

c) For URSAL, Father Guillermo Ramírez Livia (vice-provincial superior of Peru-South);

d) Representing the general government, Father Paweł Drobot (Poland);

e) Father Gustavo Cruz (pastor of St. Gerard Majella parish – Panama), host and general coordinator of the JMA;

f) Father Cristian Garro, representative of Central America and secretary of Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry (RYVM);

The commission also counted on the participation of two young people, Ahiezer and Ibeliz, coordinators of the JMA from that parish. Besides these two, we also had with us some of the JMA delegates in Panama, young people from our Redemptorist parishes, San Gerardo and Asunción, who have worked hard for the JMA. We were very pleased to have with us, at one point, the Archbishop of Panama, Archbishop José Domingo, who showed us his support, congratulating us for our initiatives and reinforcing our expectations for the proposed event.

We dealt with various themes and things referring to the JMA:

1. Registration procedures;

2. Means of communication and contacts;

3. Day of arrival;

4. Meetings with Father General;

5. Day, place, theme and schedule for the Alphonsian World Conference;

6. JMA identity symbols;

7. Competitions to choose the prayer, logo and hymn.

Detailed information will be sent out soon to every Redemptorist Unit in Brazil and the whole World. Already we encourage our youth and confreres to take part in this worldwide event of shared time together, evangelization, encounters, prayer, sharing and spirituality.

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(Translation: Joe Dorcey, CSsR)

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