Canonical Visit in the Region of St. Gerard, Russia and Kazakistan


(Russia) The Canonical Visit to the Region of St. Gerard began this March 2018. The region of St. Gerard comprises of the Redemptorists Communities spread throughout Russia and Kazakhstan. The visit, that takes place once in every four years, was conducted by the Superior of the Region, Fr. Zenon Gieniec, CSsR, together with Fr. Andrzej Legieć, C.Ss.R.

The motto of the visit, “Humble and courageous in proclaiming the Gospel” is taken from our Constitutions. In the Constitution of the Redemptorists, we read: ” All Redemptorists, ever following the magisterium of the Church, must be humble and courageous servants among people of the Gospel of Christ, the Redeemer and Lord, who is the head and model of the new humanity (Const 6).”

It seems that these two characteristics: humility and courage are very important in our service that we render in Russia and Kazakhstan. Humility and courage were at the beginning of the missionary vocation. To make the decision to go to the East, to Russia or to Kazakhstan, it was necessary to have humility and, at the same time, courage. These characteristics have contributed to adapt to new geographical, social, religious conditions, etc. Today they are still valid to face new challenges and initiatives. These two qualities emerge from a mature spirituality, from an authentic relationship with Christ, with the Church and with the Congregation.

The first place of the visit was Petropavlovsk in Kazakistan. The next places in the program of the visit are Kemerovo, Togliatti, Orsk, Orenburg, Pioniersky in Russia. The visit will end at the end of May. This is the good opportunity for the confreres to deepen in prayer, dialogue and to engage in real encounters.

May God grant the necessary graces for the Redemptorists during this visit and commit themselves in the region of St. Gerard with humility and courage to become “Witnesses of the Redeemer, in Solidarity for the Mission in a Wounded World”. (Message of the XXV General Chapter)

Fr. Zenon Gieniec, C.Ss.R., Russia