“The Redemptorists are close to the people of Nicaragua,” Letter from the Superior General

Bishops of Nicaragua engaged in Dialogue

The situation in Nicaragua

The population of Nicaragua, a month ago, after taking to the streets to protest against social security reform (INSS), which directly affects the elderly and pensioners, is experiencing so much tension due to the violent repression of the police.

The people now demand the resignation of the president because it does not respect human rights and public liberties. The Nicaraguans have also seen that the Catholic Church has defended the young people who have peacefully demanded justice from the leaders of the country.

The Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua has agreed to mediate in a national dialogue that has been suspended because consensus was not reached on 23 May. But the Church insists and invites everyone to pray for peace to reach a peaceful solution.

The Redemptorists, as part of that prophetic Church that supports those who preach the Good News of Redemption, unite in prayer with all the Nicaraguan people who live and suffer at this time.

Here is the letter from the Superior General, Fr Michael Brehl, in which he expresses closeness and solidarity with the Nicaraguan community:

Dear brothers and sisters,

In a special way, at this moment, we want to make ourselves close to the reality of Nicaragua as well as to the whole province and to express our most sincere understanding and concern for all of you. We are aware, the general government and the congregation, of the situation that each person lives in this reality. The general government and the congregation wish to express our closeness to the entire Nicaraguan people. You must know that you can count on our prayer and our fraternal support.

We know that things are not easy, but Redemptorist Missionaries in the Province of Central America and Nicaragua have always been the bearers of the Good News of Redemption with hope and apostolic charity. As messengers of Peace, we ask the Lord to help them in these moments to be his most faithful spokesmen, Witnesses of the Redeemer: supportive for the mission in a wounded world.

May St. Alphonsus always be your missionary reference. Our Mother of Perpetual Help intercedes with her maternal affection before the Redeemer for all of you, especially in these moments and always in your life and mission.

With our most sincere affection and support in Christ the Redeemer.

Michael Brehl C.Ss.R.
Superior General