Young Redemptorists’ Gathering in Indonesia


(Indonesia) The Indonesian young Redemptorist priests’ spirituality week with the theme “OUR JOURNEY WITH THE YOUTH” took place from August 20 to 24 in Kuta Bali, Indonesia. The transition to ministry is one of the important stages of the young priests today. The gathering, as well as the meeting, helped us to learn many new things and pray together. Everyone felt that this is an important aspect of learning at this stage.

This meeting was facilitated by Fr. Antonius Haryanto, executive secretary of the KWI committee and Mr Stefanus Rizal Rejadi, the Motivator of KWK Komkep staff.

While addressing the young fathers, Rizal told them “You are the leader who accompanies the leaders. Be a strong leader and Coach who can walk together with Young People. They need you, dear brothers. The leader’s job is to solve problems and make decisions, and more than that a leader is one who takes risks”.

Meanwhile, Father Hary invited the young Redemptorists to enter into the world of young people by SEEING, CONTEMPLATING, DECIDING. He urged them to look at the reality of young people as a solution.

It is time to continue to empower ourselves for the mission which we have received. A smart and reliable young priest is only forged in the responsibilities he receives and carries them out creatively, taking risks with confidence and with full of faith and love in the Redeemer.

Fr. Wilhemus Ng. Pala

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