Extraordinary visit of the General Government in Ukraine


(Ukraine) Over these last few days, we have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to host Fr. Pedro Lopez one of our General consultors and Fr. Johannes Römelt the Coordinator of the Conference of Europe. They came here to lead an extraordinary visitation to the Lviv province of Redemptorists, so that together we could pray, reflect on the realities of the current situation, and to form a plan for our future, both on the level of our Conference in Europe and also at the congregational level.

The visitation took place in the city of Lviv from the 8th of October until the 12th, 2018. The meetings we attended not only by many representatives of the Lviv province but also several Redemptorists from neighbouring Slovakia; four members from the Vice-province of Michalowche and two from the province of Bratislava-Prague.

Although the schedule was very tight, our visitors were nevertheless able to visit our parish and house in Novoyavorivsk, and also the recently founded house of our Redemptoristine sisters in Lviv.

Fr. Taras Kchik, CSsR