Redemptorist Solidarity Gifts to Support the Needy of Africa and Madagascar


The Redemptorist Solidarity Gifts are a wonderful way of creating bonds of support and friendship between you and the people of Africa and Madagascar.  The Gifts support communities where the Redemptorists work.  These Gifts deliver meaningful and practical help that enrich the lives of people thwarted by the pain of poverty.

Build the bonds of perpetual partnership and buy a Gift for your loved ones.

Redemptorist Solidarity Gifts are not seasonal- any occasion can be a Solidarity Gift moment.  It is a moment to build a perpetual bond between your family and friends and the people of Africa and Madagascar.

The purchase of a Redemptorist Solidarity Gift will make a lasting impact on the individuals, families, and communities that the Redemptorists work within Africa and Madagascar.

We thank you sincerely for your generosity.

Kindly follow the link below for more information and the purchase of the solidarity gifts: