Majellan Magazine App and new Podcasts now available


Majellan Magazine App

After 71 years as the most trusted Catholic print magazine for families, The Majellan is now available as an app from the Apple App and the Google Play Stores.

This digital edition includes many enhancements over the print version, including videos, audio and links to other relevant websites. It is available for subscription and a special coupon code will allow Redemptorists to receive a subscription for free.

The introduction of the digital edition heralds a new phase in the history of The Majellan!

The app includes a number of past issues you can open and read for free.  New issues will have a  subscription fee, however, for Redemptorists we have unique subscription codes which will provide you with a 12-month free subscription.

Email us at to receive the subscription code. Hurry as codes expire in a short time.

The digital edition will hopefully enable us to reach a new younger audience, as well as reach new overseas audiences.

New Podcast: Figuring out Families

It’s in the family we learn the skills of living together. We first learn that we are loved, understood, wanted and cared for, and in most cases, it’s in the family we are formed to be who we are.

But our biggest hurts, failures and tragedies can also occur within the family.

For most of us, we have to learn as we go!

For over 70 years Majellan has provided advice, shared stories of family life and helped family members deal with the problems that arise.

We’ve helped thousands with their family issues.

Join us in this new podcast series. Podcasts are available from most podcast services and are on Spottily. Click on this link to subscribe or listen to our first two episodes: figuring-out-families

Together we’ll set about Figuring out Families.  All our Podcasts are free!

Kind Regards

Tony Biviano, CEO
Majellan Media