A report on the RYVM program of the Vice-Province of Majella, India


“Selfie with Saviour -2019”

The theme: To share the experience of Christ with Redemptorist friends.


The event “Selfie with Saviour” started with an aim in mind to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with our young Redemptorist friends. Often, we celebrate Christmas in our parishes. But Selfie with Saviour is a platform for the Redemptorist youth from various parishes and communities of the Vice-Province of Majella to come together and appreciate our happiness of belonging to this beautiful family of the Redemptorist. This happens particularly during the Christmas season. Selfie with Saviour began three years ago at Nirmala Mata Church Premises, Naigaon West. This year the event found its place in Varca (Goa) too.  Hence, “Selfie with Savour” was organised at two different places.

At Varca (Goa)

For the first time “Selfie with Savour” was held at the Redemptorist Community at Varca on the 22nd December 2019. We had youth from Madgaon, Sanquelim, Taleigao and, Mangalore. The members of RYVM Commission, RYVM Youth, Varca community members and the Seminarians were also present for the gathering.

The activities: The program began at 10 am. Fr. Melroy Correa extended an inclusive welcome to all. Fr. Eugene D’Silva the Rector of the Community addressed the gathering, expressed his appreciation for the work of RYVM and exhorted the youth to be joyful. Fr. Prem Cutinha together with RYVM youth Maria Sequeira and Roshel Pinto conducted few ice breaks, group dynamics, and games. These actives enabled the participants to get to know each other. The seminarians too actively participated in group activities.

Fr. Velson Fernandes briefly explained the background and purpose of the event “Selfie with Saviour” and expressed his admiration towards the goodwill of the youth. We had a sharing session with the youth. Many of them shared their beautiful experience with Redemptorist in the Parish and during the Mission. After a sumptuous meal we resumed our fulfilled activities, the group games took very competitive mode, nevertheless, they added greater fun to the event.

There were a group of good musicians and singers along with them the gathering sang Christmas Carols and enhanced the joy of Christmas season. we concluded the gathering with the Eucharistic Celebration at 3 pm.  Fr. Melroy Correa delivered a very meaningful homily. Shared with the youth the vision and Mission of the Redemptorists.  Maria Sequeira thanked the gathering. As a token of love and sharing Christmas joy few gifts were given to the participants.

At Naigaon

On the 27th December 2019, for the third time “Selfie with Savour” was held at Nirmala Mata Church Premises, Naigaon West. Youth from Naigaon, Vasai, Virar, Panodi and Chembur were the active participants. There was a good presence of the religious for the gathering. The sisters of Mary Immaculate from Naigaon, the Holy Cross sisters of Igenbhol form Panodi, and the Sister Adorers from Chembur. Frs. Ivon, Andrew, Jerry, and Derreck were also present.

The activities:

The program began around 6:30 pm, with the registration of the participants, and welcome snacks. Later each was given a wrist band and a batch that would help them interact with the other participants better. We began with the prayer conducted by Fr. Ivon and later the welcome address was given by Fr. Andrew.

Then the evening continued with various participants putting up their best performances of Carol singing and dances. Some sang the Carols, some performed group dances while there was also a solo dance by a participant. Along with these performances we also had games and spot prizes.

The unique aspect of this year of Selfie with Saviour was that it was in three languages, English, Marathi, and Hindi. The participants were of different language groups, different geographical areas and Dioceses. Together with these we also had a sharing of some youth about their association with the RYVM in past few years. Our RYVM lay associates also expressed their experience of being associated with the RYVM in Naigaon. Later Fr. Derreck gave his views and Vision about how Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry can be carried forward by the young people with whom we work.

The program ended with a Vote of Thanks by Fr. Andrew and the Co-ordinator of the Program.

Prem Cutinha, C.Ss.R,