Coronavirus infections in the Province of Warsaw


(Warsaw, Poland) In the first days of June coronavirus infections occurred in several Redemptorist houses in Poland. As of today, June 10th we have 46 tested positive Confreres, 25 of them with symptoms. Eight of the 46 is in a hospital in Cracow – one with moderate symptoms, seven have no symptoms. Eight of our communities are in quarantine, with ca 120 Confreres. Four our churches are closed, the parishioners are informed about the situation.

The biggest number of the sick is in Tuchów – 33, including 17 students. They stay separated from the rest, which has been tested negative. We expect that the number of affected persons will not increase.

All the time, diligently, we observe the situation in other religious communities, where – we emphasize – there are currently no signs of infection.

The superior of the Province of Warsaw and the local superiors of the individual houses cooperate with the relevant sanitary and epidemiological services. Further activities and the quarantine period in the listed houses depend on the decisions of the above services, which monitor the development of the situation.

We ask you to keep us in your prayers and thank you for it.

Fr. Mariusz Mazurkiewicz CSsR

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