New associated lay-people in St. Clement Province.

The three newly associated lay-people in between the members of the Redemptorists of the Ghent Community: Mrs. Ilse Spiloes, Mr. Dominiek Van Belle, and his wife Mrs. Annie Heursel.

(Ghent, Belgium) After a 2 year formation period, 4 lay-people expressed the desire and were accepted as associates to the province of St Clement. On the feast of St Clement, March 15th, 2020, the province would have celebrated this, if there wouldn’t have been the lockdown preventing us from coming together.

On the feast of St Alphonsus, 3 of the 4 newly associates signed the association-bull during a simple Corona-proof celebration in Clemenspoort, Ghent. As Mrs. Lieve Droogmans was prevented from participating at this moment, another opportunity will provide us an occasion to celebrate once more, and hopefully in a more festive way as singing, drinking nor gathering outside the chapel was allowed in the current situation.

Nonetheless, the simple liturgy during the eucharist for St Alphonsus was felt to be a strong reminder that all of us are sent to “search for ways how to express the call to evangelization in our lives”.

The St. Clement Province counts 25 associated lay-people that are welcomed into the redemptorist family. The associates participate both in the provincial gatherings as in the redemptorist mission. The members of the province are invited to maintain a mutual bond with the associates by expressing interest in the life and well being of the associates.

We are grateful that the Holy Spirit continues to show new ways to live out the redemptorist charisma in our time.

Fr. Ives De Mey C.Ss.R.

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