New issue of Spicilegium Historicum


The newest issue of Spicilegium Historicum (2/2020), in connection with the St. Clement Hofbauer Jubilee Year, brings a Fr. P. Koźlak’s contribution entitled “The Redemptorist identity and the vision of the Congregation in the Letters of St. Clement Hofbauer”.

From the article’s introduction:

Entering the Redemptorists, Clemente did not seem to have a clear vision of what he would do in the future. However, in a fairly short time, he showed a remarkable pastoral intuition, which led him to courageous and at the same time accurate decisions regarding the mission of the Congregation. This is evident from reading and studying his letters. Based on their content, one can discover how his vision of the Congregation and his identity as a Redemptorist missionary developed.

As Father Fabriciano Ferrerò points out:
Clemente Hofbauer, leaving Italy and founding a Redemptorist community in Warsaw at the beginning of 1787, marked the beginning of a new stage not only for Clement himself but also for the entire Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Spicilegium Historicum, 2/2020, table of contents:

  • Koźlak Piotr, C.Ss.R., L’identità redentorista e la visione della Congregazione nelle lettere di San Clemente Hofbauer.
  • Smìd Marek, Redemptorists in Ceské Budèjovice in the 1920s.
  • Campanelli Marcella, Aiutare l’anime colle missioni nei paesi rurali più abbandonati. Le origini della Congregazione del SS. Redentore nel carteggio di Alfonso M. de Liguori.
  • Etcheverry Roberto, C.Ss.R., La misión redentorista end Norte argentino. Salta, la segunda fundación redentorista en Argentina (1892).
  • Macko Martin, C.Ss.R., Stefan Herda, C.Ss.R. (1796-1882).
  • Paiva Gilberto, C.Ss.R., A reestruturação da C.Ss.R. no Brasil diante dos limites geográficos e as fronteiras territoriais do passado.