The music video “VAO DOI” of RYM MienNam


(SaiGon, Vietnam)- Over one month ago, Saturday 17/10/2020, the official music video  “VAO DOI” of RYM Mien Nam was published on the youtube channel of RYM (Link:

It took more than 4 months to do this music video (MV). It was the fruit of collaboration between RYM and the seminarians of St. Alfonsus Theological Institute in Viet Nam.

Fr Alfonsus Tran Ngoc Huong, the chaplain of RYM, said: “This Music Video (MV) shows the big dream of our Redemptorist Youth Ministry (RYM) South Vietnam. It also introduces the missionary spirit of Redemptorist and invites all the youth to participate in it. Then, we express the values of our Catholic life with a renewed vigor, a sense of full enthusiasm, energy, and our willingness when together we follow the Redeemer.”

 “Vao doi” – a song was written by “Alluelia” – a group of the seminarians of Theological Insitute of Saint Alfonsus in Vietnam, the period from 1965 to 1967, which was the end time of Vatican Council II.

Fr Tran Si Tin, the author of the song “VAO DOI,” explained the meaning and spirit of this song: “This Council has shared happiness and hope with everyone. For example, Gaudium et Spes, which is one of the four constitutions of Vatican II expressing a desire of the Church to share with the whole human condition. Actually, the Redeemer is a wonderful man. He lived and shared with the poorest conditions of Nazareth. His name is Jesus of Nazareth. He lived with locals, learned with them, worked with them, learned with Our Lady and Saint Joseph. Then, the Redemptorists and the Congregation of the faithful have been called to experience life. Therefore, Father Thanh Tam (C.S.s.R.) composed this melody, and I, Sy Tin (C.S.s.R.), thought carefully about this subject to write the lyric so that we could follow Jesus Christ in a new and full season of grace.”

Bao Minh, the director of this MV, shared his experience: “This is a great challenge, but we have overcome. I am impressed with the morning when we recorded the mass in the chapel of St Alfonsus Theological Institution. We came there at 3 am to set up and start to record at 5 am. When the bell rang, I sensed that this moment was so special.”

Hoai Quyen, a member of RYM, said: “I feel delighted. Thank God! I myself have learnt many experiences from this MV. I believe that the youths of RYM can do anything with enthusiasm and apostolic zeal.”

The MV has two subtitles in Vietnamese and English. Please watch and share this wonderful MV.

Duc Trung Vu, CSsR

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