Blessing and inauguration of a new building for radio Vuvu kieto in the Democratic Republic of Congo


(Cong) All the dignitaries and the Redemptorist confreres attended the blessing and inauguration of the new building of the Redemptorist Radio called “Vuvu kieto”, means Our Hope on June 26, 2021, in the Vice-province of Matadi, precisely in the city of Mbanza-Ngungu. The ceremonies took place in the presence of all the authorities of the region: the administrator of the territory of Mbanza-Ngungu, the security services of the place, the head of media regulation, representatives of community radio stations, economic partners, the agents and collaborators of our radio and some Redemptorists.

At the beginning of the ceremony Father Roger Mbiyavanga, CSsR, general manager of our Radio, in his speech said:

We are very happy to know many of you at this memorable event for the new building which will henceforth house Radio Vuvu Kieto, an instrument of evangelization of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We would like to welcome everyone to this setting designed to provide a platform for this ceremony. With its mission to evangelize, inform, train, and entertain, Radio Vuvu Kieto deserves better, see more; this is why Rev. Father Jean-Robert Diyabanza, Vice-Provincial, and his council have decided to offer to all those who work in the RVK (Radio Vuvu Kieto) an environment worthy of the size and the weight that this instrument of evangelization has carried for two decades.

It is our duty at this stage of today’s ceremony to paint you in a laconic way the history of this Radio which at the time I speak remains the only one which has a large audience and the best organized in its sector.

For your information, the RVK, under the leadership of Rev. Father Athanase Nsiamina CSsR, then Vice-Provincial, launched its very first signal on November 26, 2003. The studio is based at the Saint Alphonse Cultural Center, while its transmitter positioned itself at the tower of the Sacred Heart parish, thus transmitting with the beam system. The radio transmission had experienced multiple problems mainly the supply of electricity. During the broadcast, a power cut interrupted our broadcasts either at the studio at the Saint Alphonse Cultural Center or at the parish where its transmitter was located. Not to mention other organizational difficulties and the financial problems that were faced earlier. RVK survived despite all these difficulties.

Father Michel Makumbu Aveledi, the first general manager,  decided with the agreement of the vice-provincial council, to put the studio and the transmitter in the same place in 2007; therefore to the Parish of the Sacred Heart. But he saw himself in the obligation to set up an old dormitory for this installation. And the RVK will remain there until May 2021. Seeing the conditions in which this great instrument of evangelization and, the most experienced of the diocese of Matadi, the Reverend Father Vice-Provincial John Robert Diyabanza, acted upon after hearing others opinions and considerations of new RVK collaborators, in particular, its new management committee including the General Manager Fr Roger Mbiyavanga, the Vice General Manager  Fr Richard Makasi and the parish priest of the Sacred Heart, Fr Jean-Marie Nsimba, found it right to redevelop a building of the old Garage of Missions to give it the most beautiful shape, owned by the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer in DR Congo. It is appropriate here to thank all those who contributed both upstream and downstream to the completion of this great work of which we will ask the Administrator of the territory of Mbanza-Ngungu to carry out the symbolic cutting of the ribbon, and the parish priest delegated to the vice provincial to preside over the blessing ceremony.

In any case, we will not be able to close this speech without telling you about the succession of managers and staff that this Radio has known since its creation and its start-up until that date. Allow me to mention by name the Reverend Father Athanase Nsiamina as a pioneer, Fr. Michel Aveledi, the first general manager and great propellant of the RVK (2003-2009), and Br Nicaise Mundurame Vice-general manager. Afterward, the direction of this Radio has succeeded by: Fr Athanase Nsiamina (2009-2013), the Reverend Father Hubert Mvibudulu (2013-2017), the Reverend Father Hubert Ngwamu (2017-2019); and in those days Reverend Father Roger Mbiyavanga (2019- ). Others contributed to the RVK that has since its creation until these days benefited from the participation of several collaborators, technicians, and journalists. However, we salute the unforgettable efforts, loyalty, commitment of some who have been with RVK from the beginning until these days. Mr. Neron Nkata, Lucky Basianga, Mrs. Mamy, Mrs. Alphonsine, Mr. Adrien Malamba, and all those who are still essential within the RVK; receive in this place our most affectionate homage.

Without a burst of pride, we can reassure you that for many years this radio station has remained the leader of all the media known here in Mbanza-Ngungu and its surroundings. This is why we continue to encourage the architects of this great battle who help us maintain our place in the concert of media that abound in our universe.

We would like to thank all those who enhanced their presence at this inaugural ceremony with all protocols followed.

After the cutting of the ribbon and blessing by Father Jean-Marie Nsimba CSsR, a glass of friendship was shared among guests in the Radio esplanade, and the authorities, as well as financial partners, were honored, and finally, a fellowship reception was reserved for the guests and dignitaries in the parish restaurant.

With him! There is plentiful Redemption!

Fr Roger Mbiyavanga CSsR

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