Aparecida: the patronal feast of 2021 celebrated with faithful present again


October 12th was a busy day in Aparecida, Brazil. After a year without the participation of devotees, yet by noon about 70 thousand pilgrims arrived at the shrine on the Patron Feast Our Lady of Aparecida.

In 2020, about 30,000 devotees pilgrimed to the Shrine on the day of Our Lady of Aparecida. Since the celebrations were not open to public participation due to the Covid-19 pandemic at that time, the faithful were able to follow celebrations broadcasted by Rede Aparecida de Comunicação (Aparecida Communications Network).

Eleven Eucharistic celebrations were held throughout the day in the Basilica and in the Fr. Vítor Coelho de Almeida Centre to welcome devotees from various parts of Brazil. Inside the Basilica, there were 2,500 people for each celebration. At the Center, the number of faithful welcomed reached the limit of 5,000 pilgrims per Mass.

The niche of the image of Our Lady Aparecida, the Sala das Promessas, the Capela das Velas and the Passarela da Fé were among the most visited attractions on 12 October.

In Tenda dos Peregrinos 350 volunteers were dedicated to welcome those who arrived in the Marian Shrine on foot or by bicycle and needed special care. According to the shrine clinic, about 1400 pilgrims passed through the tent from 8 to 12 October.

The Shrine in Aparecida, dedicated to the Patroness of Brazil, is led by the Redemptorist. It is one of the most famous religious places on an international level. According to the last data recorded before the health crisis, 13 million pilgrims from all five continents came every year; more than 200,000 pilgrims were in one weekend alone. The Eucharistic celebrations with thousands of people in a church that can accommodate 20,000 worshippers are also impressive.

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