Fr. Brehl: Let us pray together for peace!


Dear Confreres, Sisters, and Partners in Mission, 

It is with a certain urgency that I write to you today. I believe that most of us are aware of the growing tensions on the border between Ukraine and Russia, and the ongoing efforts to resolve this situation without the outbreak of further violence. It is evident that this situation could well have repercussions which will affect the entire continent of Europe, as well as a greater impact on our wounded world. 

On Sunday, Pope Francis made a “heartfelt appeal to all people of good will to raise their prayers to Almighty God that every political action and initiative will be in the service of human fraternity, more than any particular interests… For this and with great concern, seeing the present tensions, I propose that Wednesday, January 26 be a worldwide day of prayer for peace.” 

Here in Rome, the General Government echoes this concern of the Holy Father. For this reason, I also make a heartfelt appeal to all Confreres, Sisters, and Partners in Mission to participate in this day of prayer for peace on Wednesday, January 26th. Please dedicate time in each of our Churches, monasteries, convents, communities and homes for this time of prayer, and invite the people of God to join with us. During this day of prayer for peace, we will join in communion and solidarity with our Redemptorist Brothers and Sisters in Ukraine and in Russia.

It is clear to us that this prayer for peace will embrace our deepest longing for peace in every part of our wounded world, among all peoples, on every continent. May our prayer continue to help us to grow in our call to be witnesses to the Redeemer, and signs that we are truly sisters and brothers for we are all children of God.

In Christ our Redeemer and our Brother,

Michael Brehl, C.Ss.R.
Superior General 

Rome, January 24, 2022