Indonesia: “We are one family”


It has been almost two years since the  Redemptorist youth have not been gathered. The year 2019 in Yogyakarta was the last time that Redemptorists youth met and shared.

On January 8, 2022, the Redemptorists Youth Christmas Gathering was held. They are mainly from  Sumba Island. This Christmas Gathering was organized by the Redemptorist Youth Secretariat of Indonesia and  St. Clement Community at our Community Mission Hall, Wanno Gaspar, Indonesia.

“We are one family”. That’s how it feels. That nuance is very strong and follows us as a family of Redemptorists. Nothing is exclusive.

The community of young people who are involved come from parishes  St. Andreas Ngallu, Sang Penebus,  Clement Katikuloku, St. Michael Elopada, Christ the King – Waimangura, St.  Paul Karuni, St Mary Homba Karpit,  SanKemme Youth wanno Gaspar. The Indonesian Redemptorist Provincial presided over the Eucharistic celebration. The choir of novices and dance by Waimangura youth accompanied the liturgy.

The participants were very happy and appreciated the event. “We miss this kind of gathering with our fellow young people. We were worried a bit. But when our gathering has succeeded, we are happy. It encourages us and inspire us. Even though this event can last only for a day, it’s enough as well”, expressed one participant happily.

Fr. Willy Ngongo Pala, CSsR

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