Typhoon in the Philippines: Aid campaign for the victims


At the beginning of 2022, life once again tests the ability to remain hopeful and act in solidarity.

The Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer have launched a Solidarity Campaign (read our Charter here) to help the victims of Typhoon Rai, which hit the southern and central Philippines on December 16, 2021.

Among the people most affected are our sisters and formandi of the Cebu community (there are three communities in the Philippines), who are gradually managing to contact their families, experiencing gratitude for not having lost lives, but at the same time a deep sense of helplessness and sadness. They have counted a total of 56 families seriously affected, including the five formandas who no longer have homes or so many immediate family members of sisters who have had their roofs blown off and are beginning to struggle to find food.

This is the worst typhoon to hit the country this year, leaving 442,000 people displaced and affected, killing 375 people, while 500 people have been injured and 56 have been reported missing.

For this reason, the General Government of the Oblates of the Most Holy Redeemer is appealing for solidarity to help those affected by the natural disaster to the best of our ability.

Every contribution, no matter how small, adds up. You can send them until January 25 to any of our bank accounts in the name of “Oblates of the Most Holy Redeemer Generalate”. Here are the exact details.