Ukraine: Religious Profession of Sister Julia


Our Sister Julia Kostiv, having completed her two-year novitiate in our community in Bielsko-Biala, made her first religious profession on 10 August this year. The ceremony took place in Lviv, Ukraine, in the church of Blessed Nikolai Chernetsky. It was presided over by the Metropolitan of Lviv of the Greek-Catholic Church, Msgr. Ihor Voznyak.

A delegation from the mother monastery in Bielsko-Biała went to the ceremony: Sister Beata Figura, superior, and Sister Magdalena Żerdzińska, newly professed. It is worth noting that Julia is the first Redemptorist sister to make her first profession in the rite of the Greek Catholic Church. All the sisters who have professed so far have done so in the Latin rite at our monastery in Bielsko-Biala or in Magliano Sabina in Italy. Sister Marija Slepchenko, in charge of the community in Lviv, in close cooperation with competent persons, prepared the ceremony of this rite.

Against the backdrop of the atrocities of war, God reveals His beauty in the spiritual act of profession of our sister who, at such a unique moment in the history of her homeland, offers her life as a sacrifice for the Church, her country and all those in need of prayer.

s. A. Kot, OSSR

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