Latin America, Spain and the Caribbean: Second meeting of Redemptorist Schools


Quilmes, September 7, 2022

The group that guides the Team of Redemptorist schools and colleges of Latin America, Spain and the Caribbean, have a nice meeting. We are experiencing the Second Face-to-face Meeting of our educational institutions in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina from September 5 to 10, 2022 at the Student House of the Santísimo Redentor, in that city.

The central theme of the Meeting is: “Building a common educational values with Redemptorist Spirituality”.

Delegations from Spain, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina, 42 people in total, are present at it.
The topics to be addressed are:

Memory of the meeting, by Professor Mrs. Rossemery, from Peru, presenting a summary of everything worked on in the first meeting.
The global educational pact. Presentation and analysis by Professor Juan Carlos López. The talk is divided into two moments: Presentation of the concept of educational forest. And in a second moment, the seven commitments for the global educational pact are presented.
Traits and indicators of Redemptorist spirituality as elements for shared mission, by Father Juan Pablo
The Partnership in mission inside the Redemptorist schools, by Father Enrique López.
During the meeting, these topics are worked on in groups, taking into account the different contexts:
definition of a successful Redemptorist Catholic school and the concept of a good Redemptorist teacher.
The sharings are aimed at the elaboration of the draft document on the educational values.

During the next few days we intend to finish the document that will lay the foundations of the common values for Redemptorist Catholic schools.

We hope in God, our Lord, that it be so.

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