32nd Pilgrimage of the Holy Missions: Communion, participation, and mission


The celebration highlighted the importance of the “Church on the way out”, dreamed and desired by Pope Francis

(Brazil) The National Sanctuary of Aparecida celebrated last Saturday (19/11), the 32nd Pilgrimage of the Redemptorist Missions. The parishes that received the Holy Missions were represented at Casa da Mãe, by priests and parishioners from the communities, as well as the thousands of faithful who were present in large numbers at the Holy Mass.

The reflection this year was on the theme “Redeeming Missions: Communion, participation and mission” and the motto “Go! I send you ′′. Both are in tune with the Synod, convened by Pope Francis, to reflect on the “Church on the Move”, in a permanent state of mission, as the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer has been doing for over 100 years in Brazilian lands.

Fr. Pedro (JarosŁaw) Gruzdz, C.Ss.R , presided over the celebration, which also included the concelebration of religious from the Holy Missions and priests from parishes that had already hosted the missionary group.

In the homily, Fr. Luiz Almir, C.Ss.R, member of the Holy Missions, highlighted the theme of the 32nd Pilgrimage of the Redemptorist Missions and the synodal moment in which we live, proposed by Pope Francis:

In his homily, Fr. Luiz Almir, C.Ss.R, highlighted the synodal moment in which we live

“Walking together for us Christians, for us who believe in Jesus Christ. More than an evangelical demand, it is a way of sharing our steps with the God who exists in our existence. Based on the Second Vatican Council, Pope Francis calls on all Christians to walk together in faith. The Pope wants the Church of Christ not to be dominated by self-indulgence and to be a ‘Church on the way out”.

The Redemptorist Missionary reinforced the importance of a Church devoid of ostentation and that walks with the people:

“A Church closed within its walls and its doctrines is against the pedagogy of Jesus Christ, who went out to meet people. The Church in Exit, dreamed and thought of by Pope Francis, is a church that, devoid of ostentation, can walk with the people of God. This Church, which walks with its faithful, responds to the appeals of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who in the Holy Gospel summons and sends 72 disciples with the mission of bringing peace and announcing that the Kingdom of God is near.”

Finally, Fr. Luiz Almir recalled the holy martyrs celebrated this November 19: São Roque González, Santo Afonso Rodriguez and São João del Castillo.

“These three Jesuit priests dedicated their lives in defense of indigenous peoples, who in Brazilian lands were exploited and enslaved. For defending the less favored, these missionaries were persecuted, they were martyred, by those who, in search of power, killed and enslaved (…) The life and testimony of these three Holy Martyrs impel us to announce Jesus Christ. However, the mission of announcing Jesus Christ in our current situation is challenging. However, we are not alone. She, the Lady of Aparecida, is at our side. She walks with us and with Mother Aparecida we want to announce Jesus Christ so that together we can grow and live in the community.”

Check out the complete celebration of the 32nd Pilgrimage of the Redemptorist Missions:


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