Online Meeting of Redemptorists on World Day for Consecrated Life


On February 02, when the universal Church celebrates the Consecrated Life, the General Council has organised a webinar for all the Redemptorist Congregation. The invitation goes to all the Redemptorist confreres, novices, postulants, candidates and young people interested in following Christ as a redemptorist brother or priest:


AN ONLINE meeting of Redemptorist Consecrated Life

(CONFERENCES: Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia-Oceania, Africa and Madagascar)

Missionaries of Hope in the Footsteps of the Redeemer

Dear Confreres, Professed Students, Novices, Postulants, Aspirants and Young men who have had a vocational experience with us.

On February 2, 2023, when the Church celebrates Consecrated Life, the General Government wants to meet with all of you online for a word of thanks and encouragement. It will be a brief meeting of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We ask the (V)Provincials, local superiors, formators and vocation promotors to communicate the information with their communities, encourage participation, and organise themselves for this event. It will be a simple but meaningful meeting. We are a missionary body – Missionaries of Hope in the Footsteps of the Redeemer. The communities and houses of formation can participate in groups, accessing the webinar by a computer connected to a tv set or multimedia projector.

We obviously will have difficulties because of the time differences. We apologise in advance for this and, at the same time, ask for your personal and community effort to participate. To facilitate the participation of the Confreres, Professed Students, Novices, Postulants, Aspirants, and the Young men who have had a vocational experience with us from the five Conferences, the meeting will be held at 14:00 Rome time (2:00 PM), Thursday, February 02.

Connection details will be sent directly to the communities and confreres.

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