Colombia: The dream of evangelisation through new media has come true


Communications nowadays allow us to continue establishing social relationships, becoming a tool for the circulation of information, as well as ease in the performance of any work or environment, so today, this has been enhanced with the advent of new technologies and different systems that make communication more timely.

The Diocese of Riohacha could not be left behind in the field of communication, which is why it opened its doors to the opportunity to communicate with quality, inaugurating the Diocesan Communications Centre on 22 March 2023 in the facilities of the Héctor Salah Zuleta Library, led by Monsignor Francisco Ceballos CSsR and accompanied by Deacon José Gabriel Rivera, Director of CEDICOM (Diocesan Communications Centre). In this place, everything is articulated in terms of communication in our local Church. From there, it will always be essential to innovate, create, and imagine an unprecedented communication that is attractive and close to everyone. This space exists today with the possibility of offering different methods of communication in an effective and quality way, from advertising to audiovisual production, making them known to each and every one of the members of our Church, even to those who are not.

“Only those who have struggled to achieve a goal know how indescribable is the feeling of fulfilling a dream, to achieve great things; We must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe,” said Monsignor Francisco Ceballos in his opening speech. He stressed how an evangelising dream highlighted the work done in this long-awaited project for the Diocesan community, which was designed to evangelise and bring the Word of God in a modern way to all people through technology or digital media, especially social networks, which today and without doubt are a great tool for disseminating all kinds of information.

Father Martín Sepúlveda, Director of Communications of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia, during his speech at the opening ceremony, emphasised the importance of communication in the world and in our daily lives, highlighting that we all have the strength to communicate and that is creativity, referring to the fact that everything we can think and create gives way to communication.

On the other hand, cultural groups from the Divina Pastora Institution performed during the opening ceremony to show the different forms of communication. Singing and dancing showed in artistic forms of expression the scope and extent of communication.

Communicating is part of understanding and comprehending the environment, giving way to new ways of transmitting the Gospel. “We are all called to communication”, affirmed Father Luis Fernando Orozco, communications delegate of the Diocese of Armenia.

Finally, the symbolic act of cutting the ribbon and opening the doors of the Diocesan Communications Centre (CEDICOM) took place, thus revealing the facilities with its different spaces and services to the Diocesan community.

CEDICOM has a professional audio and video recording studio with high-tech equipment recognised in the audiovisual market. At the same time, in a third of the space, there is the radio room from where the Virtual Radio Station of the Diocese, La Voz de la Esperanza Riohacha, sounds and finally, the control, editing and design room, a place where ideas are born to be translated into digital reality.

We thank God for this work and for the selfless impulse that our bishop, Mons. Francisco Antonio Ceballos Escobar has given to it. May the Lord bring it to a happy conclusion.

Communications Centre of the Diocese of Riohacha