Indonesia: Redemptorist Parents Day


The Solemnity of the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ is an important day in the liturgy of the Church. Indeed, there are many ways to celebrate this feast. For the extended Redemptorist Indonesia family, this event is always filled with activities organised for parents of our confreres. We call it Parents Day.

The Parent’s Day celebration has been suspended since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. This year, before the annual celebration could be resumed, Fr. Yosep Manu Lena, CSsR, the coordinator, travelled to Waingapu, Waikabubak, Morokota, Elopada, Weetebula and Kodi to celebrate a Eucharist and meet the families of the confreres.

The Parents Day celebration started on Wednesday, May 17, and continued the next day. The venue was  in Konventu – Weetebula.

Since Wednesday afternoon, parents of Redemptorists have gathered on the island of Sumba to get acquainted and share stories between them. Of course, they share their ups and downs while accompanying and supporting their sons.

The following day, on Thursday, all parents headed to the redemptorist place called Villa Waikelo. There, they continued their activities. They were listening, sharing testimonies, and receiving updates about the situation of the redemptorist in Indonesia and across the world.

The whole celebration of Parent’s Day concludes with the Eucharistic of Ascension Day, with the participation of the choir of novices.

After Mass, parents and confreres enjoyed recreation and meals together. Everyone enjoyed this togetherness.

We are always grateful for the support and loyalty of our parents for us redemptorist. Hopefully, they stay healthy always.

Fr. Willy Ng Pala, CSsR