Silver Jubilee Celebration of Jhoradobein Sub-Station Church: A Joyous Occasion for Kalunga Parish


(India) Jhoradobein, a small village nestled within the Kalunga Parish of Rourkela diocese, witnessed a momentous occasion on 14th May 2023 as the Sub-Station Church celebrated its Silver Jubilee. Kalunga parish is under the care of the Redemptorists belonging to the Province of Bangalore. The day was marked with fervor, gratitude, and a deep sense of faith as the local community with the guests’ invitees of other sub-stations gathered to commemorate this significant milestone. The grand celebration was presided over by Bishop Kishor, who graced the occasion with his presence and led the Holy Mass.

The Sub-Station Church of Jhoradobein, situated beside Pitamal dam, one of the interior sub-stations holds a special place in the hearts of the faithful in the region. Established 25 years ago, it has become a beacon of spirituality and a testament to the enduring faith of the people. The presence of Bishop Kishor Kumar, the Shepherd of the Rourkela diocese, added to the reverence and significance of the occasion. Fr. Paul Tirkey, the Parish priest, and the Redemptorist community helped in every aspect of preparing for the great day.

The arrival of Bishop Kishor was marked by a grand welcome. The entire village came together to honor the esteemed guest, decorating the church premises and streets with vibrant colors and floral arrangements. The people were dressed in their traditional attire. The sight was a testament to the love and respect the community held for their spiritual leader.

During the Mass, Bishop Kishor’s message reflected on the legacy of Christianity and the unwavering faith of the people. He commended the efforts of the local community in nurturing and preserving their faith through the years. The bishop’s words resonated deeply with the congregation, inspiring them to continue their spiritual journey with renewed dedication.

The celebration also witnessed the presence of numerous priests and sisters who were invited to partake in this momentous occasion. Their presence served as a reminder of the wider community that supports and guides the faithful in their spiritual pursuits. The collective presence of these religious figures further strengthened the sense of unity and devotion among the attendees.

The Sub-Station Church of Jhoradobein was not only spiritually significant but also underwent a physical transformation for this special occasion. The church had been renovated with the generous contributions of benefactors and the local community. The efforts put into refurbishing the church added to the sense of pride and joy felt by the villagers. It served as a symbol of their commitment to their faith and their dedication to maintaining a sacred space for worship.

The festivities extended beyond the Mass, as the people of Jhoradobein presented a series of cultural programs. Women, children, and youth enthusiastically showcased their talents through various performances. The vibrant display of music, dance, and drama filled the atmosphere with joy and celebration. The entire community reveled in the collective achievements and talents of its members.

To conclude the celebration, a festive meal was shared among all attendees. This shared meal, a tradition deeply rooted in the community, exemplified the spirit of unity, love, and fellowship that permeated throughout the day. It provided an opportunity for everyone to come together, share stories, and strengthen the bonds of their shared faith.

The Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Jhoradobein Sub-Station Church was a momentous occasion for the Kalunga Parish and its surrounding communities. It marked a quarter-century of spiritual nourishment, steadfast devotion, and communal support. The presence of Bishop Kishor, the collective efforts of the community, and the vibrant cultural programs all contributed to the joy and significance of this milestone. The contribution of the Redemptorists and unending support has helped people to grow in faith and continue to witness the Catholic faith. As the festivities drew to a close, the faithful departed with hearts filled with gratitude, hope, and a renewed commitment to continue their journey of faith.

Kalunga Community

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