Redemptorists of the Province of Bratislava – Prague are preaching parish missions in three countries this week

Redemptorist Frs. Peter Hertel and Rastislav Dluhý are starting the parish mission in Elektrėnai, Lithuania.

Redemptorists of the Province of Bratislava – Prague are leading parish missions this week in the three countries where the Province has communities: Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. This is the first time ever that missions are being conducted simultaneously in several countries where the Province of Bratislava – Prague is active. These missions are led by three mission teams with lay missionaries.

The mission team of Provincial Superior Fr. Jozef Mihok CSsR leads the missions in the east of Slovakia in the parish of Nižný Hrušov. Fr. Michal Zamkovský CSsR and his team are presented in the parish of Mladá Boleslav, the Czech Republic. The Kaunas Mission Team is leading parish missions in Elektrėnai, the largest parish of the Lithuanian Diocese of Kaišiadorys. 

Parish missions have already been postponed twice due to the pandemic and refugee crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. The Kaunas mission team consists of Slovak Redemptorists working in Lithuania – Fr. Peter Hertel CSsR and Fr. Rastislav Dluhý CSsR, who are living in Kaunas since autumn 2018. They are accompanied by a lay mission team from Lithuania, as well as members of the Bratislava formation community Br. Ján Kniez CSsR and Br. Lukáš Michalovič CSsR.

Redemptorists working in Slovakia carry out parish missions in dozens of Slovak parishes and abroad every year. In 2023, 30 parish missions and mission renewals are taking place.

Eva Güttlerová