Philippines: Launching of the Redemptorist Vocation Month


Redemptorist Vocation Month was launched on November 12 in Baclaran by the Viceprovince of Manila in the Philippines.

Who is the catalyst of our vocation? It is no other than God through His GRACE and MENDING, which may be felt through our SITUATIONS in life, the PERSONS we experience, and significant ENCOUNTERS.

Through His GRACE. Many successful vocations would say they have been blessed to grow up with a family that may not be perfect but has a love for each other, extended to non-members – neighbours, relatives, and even strangers. The kind examples led by our parents, grannies, and all those older than we impart to our behaviour to be of service to others.

Through His MENDING. The reality is none of us has the privilege to choose which family or society to be born in. Unfortunately, many are being challenged even from childhood to thrive for resources, love, belongingness, and other developmental needs.

With Grace or Mending, the experience becomes more meaningful when we can reflect on our core memories once we have aged enough to come from a wiser and discerning perspective. And this same experience is just like the fine lines on our palm – distinct from all others. This becomes our own story to tell, our proclamation of God’s presence in our lives.

This realization is the product of the Tambayan: A Vocation Vigil-Camp—an activity for launching the Redemptorist Vocation Month. The activity was participated by the different Redemptorist Youth Mission (Legazpi, Laoag, Baclaran, and Lipa), Formation Community, Novitiate Community, other youth organizations, from the Redemptorist Family (the MPS, BPS, OSR) and young people discerning with their vocation. 

From the evening until sunrise, the program provided an avenue for the youth to discern and pray. It includes the Vocation booth hopping—showcasing the Redemptorist Charism and other religious congregations. It also consists of a formative session facilitated by Sr. Clariza Moren, MPS, reminding the youth that vocation grows from the capacity to be available in God’s call. 

To help the youth in a prayerful mode, praise and worship energize their passion, and the Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament nourishes their soul to be in touch with the Lord. All the activities are about praying, discerning, and enjoying the presence of God.  

Therefore, we dream of having more vocation in religious missionary life. More young people will follow in the footsteps of the Redeemer by becoming Missionaries of Hope, a Redemptorist Missionary.

We continue to pray for our vocation, especially those who have joined us in the Tambayan: A Vocation Vigil-Camp. We continue to pray for the Redemptorist Vocation. 

Mary Elenor Adagio

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