Ongoing Mission: BINDAR program with the Youth in Indonesia


Since the end of February, we have been on a mission in Lambanapu. Assistance to various groups began when we started this work.

There are 3 main groups that are assisted, namely children, young people, and parents (couples). These three categorical groups are the standard groups that must be strengthened in the field of faith knowledge. The dynamics can be achieved through various creative activities.

Fr. Nuel and Fr. Yeris, along with the Sunday meeting assistants, accompany the children. Fr. Novri and Fr. Willy guided the journey and reflection with the Catholic youth.

Fr. Paul Nuho and Fr. Yosep accompanied the couples on their faith pilgrimage. In addition, Fr Yosep is the head of the Mission Team in Lambanapu and, together with Fr Nuel, is tasked with accompanying the Lay Missionaries on the Mission Team in their weekly reflection and evaluation.

Well… I want to tell you about the  Youth Work

Bindar is the term we use for the programme of mentoring young people to increase the capacity of knowledge of faith and solidarity in living together. In this case, they have also assisted them in honing life skills through various encounters and activities outside the altar.

BINDAR is an acronym for “Bincang Cerdas Orang Muda Redemptorist,” which means “Smart Talk of Redemptorist Young People.” Every Tuesday is Young People’s Day. We meet from 19.00 to 21.00 in a kind of ‘capelle serotine’ (Evening chapel) of St Alphonsus. We meet, talk, and pray.

The meetings cover a wide variety of topics related to knowledge of faith and life skills. All the dynamics are prepared together. So far, everyone is very interested in getting involved. 

“Anyone who is involved in this Bindar activity is not just coming and attending, but he must have a dream to become a leader. At least raise the spirit to start leading themselves,” said Fr. Novri.

So far, more than 30 Youths have always attended. They also bring snacks, which each neighbourhood covers in turn. 

Fun… indeed, young people need a platform to grow and develop. They also need people who want to walk together in dealing with all the dynamic situations of life today.

As a church, we want to walk with them. We know they can make mistakes in their life movements. We need to be present in their situation so that they are not alone in their pilgrimage.

So, BINDAR is one way we facilitate… That’s what we’re working on.

Fr. Willy Ng Pala, CSsR.