Assembly of the Extraordinary Visit to Campo Grande and Porto Alegre (Brazil)


(Curitiba, Brazil) – Motivated by the theme of XXV General Chapter, Witnesses of the Redeemer: in Solidarity for Mission to a wounded world, confreres from Campo Grande, Porto Alegre and some from São Paulo gathered together in assembly in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, during April 30 – May 4.  The General Consultor, Rogerio Gomes and the Coordinator, Marcelo Conceição Araujo moderated this assembly.  Sixty-nine confreres participated in this encounter.


The spirit of fraternal welcome, optimism, and joy marked this assembly.  The confreres reflected on restructuring, the decisions of the XXV General Chapter, and the apostolic plan for the Conference of Latin America and Caribbean.  Although there are the usual doubts and questions, the confreres were largely in agreement with the direction that the Congregation is taking:  strengthening the sharing, collaboration and the Redemptorist Charism in the units and in the Conference.

The assembly brought better understanding regarding the restructuring process, a lively hope, availability for the mission, and a strong missionary spirit.  The assembly was positively evaluated with a good participation of all.

Joaquim Parron, CSSR

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