Pray and Meditate with Life: Mysticism in Everyday Life


Father Rogério Gomes, Consultor General C.Ss.R, published his third book:

“ORAR AND MEDITAR COM A VITA: a mystical contemplative of everyday life”
[PRAY AND MEDITATE WITH LIFE: the contemplative mystic of everyday life].

The text is published by the Santuario publishing house and presented by Fr. Joãozinho, SCJ, theologian and communicator. This work contains small meditative and sentimental texts in a Sálmic form. It serves to make a retreat, to pray, to meditate, to contemplate and to cultivate spirituality from everyday life.

In preparing a spiritual itinerary, we must take into account the prayer that springs from life. Life is like a river that divides the territories, crosses borders and ends in the sea. There are meetings and disagreements, joys, desires, pains, sadness, self-seeking, lack of answers and hopes that are renewed every day. And wealth is making life a special prayer to God from everyday life. When we discover that we can praise God in all moments of existence, we find a great key to cultivating our spirituality and achieving mysticism.

“If we could build
a spiritual itinerary for ourselves,
we certainly would not have so many problems in the world and we will
reach a profound spirituality,
this would help us to reflect on the practice of
justice, love, mercy, and solidarity. Our world is lacking in this! “


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