This book “LA BIBLIA DE PRINCIPIO A FIN” (The Bible from beginning to end), published by the Spanish Redemptorist Fr. Alberto de Mingo is an introduction to the entire Bible, written for a wide audience.

The book guides the reader through the history of salvation, combining in a believing Christian perspective a plethora of information that comes from archaeology, history, literature and other disciplines.

No literary work has exerted as much influence on Western culture as the Bible. And none has been so studied by archaeologists, historians, philologists, anthropologists, psychologists, philosophers or theologians for centuries. Their investigations fill entire libraries.

This book is an essential introduction to the Bible, as well as to discoveries made in recent decades about it, aimed at the general public.

Fr. Alberto de Mingo

Throughout its pages, the author offers a broad overview of each of the biblical books, beginning with Genesis and concluding in the Apocalypse. Protagonists, geographical scenarios, historical events, cultures, literary genres and a host of complementary information help reflect on the present from a past that has not stopped shaping the imagination of entire generations and has inspired mystics, poets, painters, sculptors, musicians and artists of all times.

Jewish and Christian believers can also deepen the roots of their faith and contemplate the Biblical story as a history of salvation, which continues to fascinate and invite commitment.

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