PM Mateusz Morawiecki paid tribute to the victims of the Wola Massacre including 30 Redemptorists


(Warsaw, Poland) The Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki  paid tribue to the victims of the Wola Massacre, including 30 Redemptorists who were shot on the 76th anniversary of this genocide on August 6, 2020, he visited the parish of St. Klemensa at Karolkowa in Warsaw, where there is a memorial site for all victims, and a Redemptorist monument next to St. Adalbert church.

After being welcomed by Father Provincial Janusz Sok, CSsR and pastor Damian Simonicz, CSsR, the Prime Minister laid wreaths at the Męczenników Woli Square in front of our church, which was built in 2000 by the efforts of Fr. Andrzej Rębacz, CSsR. The guest laid two wreaths at the plaques of the murdered Redemptorists and residents of Wola.

There was also a short conversation with the Redemptorists, after which a commemorative photo was taken. At the end, Fr. Paweł Mazanka, CSsR presented the Prime Minister with his book “I’m afraid of death under the rubble. Sacramental Sisters and Redemptorists in the Warsaw Uprising”, and the parish priest presented a beautiful icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The word of thanks was said on behalf of the Redemptorists by Fr. Provincial.

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Then the prime minister and the fathers went to the place where the religious were murdered, to the monument dedicated to this event – in front of St. Adalbert’s Church. There, too, the prime minister laid a wreath and then ended his visit.

In the afternoon of the same day, further ceremonies related to the events of 76 years ago took place. In St. Clement Hofbauer church, at 6.00 p.m., the choir performed the piece “Polish Mass” by Jan Maklakiewicz, composed in the spring of 1944.

After the concert, a solemn Mass was celebrated, presided over by the provincial, and the sermon was delivered by the pastor. After the Mass wreaths and flowers were laid, and a prayer was said in the square in front of the church for the victims.

The last point of the ceremony was the presentation of the aforementioned book by F. Paweł Mazanka CssR “I am afraid of death under the rubble …”.

Fr. Paweł Mazanka, CSsR, Warsaw

Photos by Adam Guz (Chancellery of the Prime Minister), and Fr. Andrzej Kukła, CSsR