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(Sao Paolo, Brazil) This June issue of the Informative Magazine of the Province of Sao Paulo arrives with special contents on the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer and the Redemptorist Mission in Brazil and the world. Issue number 273 highlights the Marian experiences of Santo Afonso, presented by Dom Orlando Brandes, Archbishop of Aparecida.

The publication also features the testimony of four young missionaries who made their perpetual vows in the Redemptorist Congregation in 2021 and are preparing for ordination to the priesthood. Deacons Diego, Heliomarcos, Jonas and Rimar share their life stories, from the first call to the moment they said their definitive YES to God, as Redemptorist Missionaries.

José Inácio de Medeiros recalls the history of Casa da Pedrinha, also called Vila San Alfonso, one of the oldest properties in the province of São Paulo. Located in Guaratinguetá (SP), at the foot of the Serra da Mantiqueira, the palace served as a seminary and today hosts meetings and retreats.

Antônio Carlos Barreiro shares the new mission of the Province of São Paulo: the Parish of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, in the city of Mauá (SP). A hard and difficult reality, but not unlike many others in which the Redemptorists find themselves, it is time to evangelise and to be evangelised by the people of God! Evangelising always means Hope, realising the proposal of being a Redemptorist missionary parish.

The Provincial Information team also interviewed the jurist Dr. Luiz Gonzada Bertelli, who, besides being a lawyer, is also a writer, journalist and professor. He is a professional who tries to bear witness to Christian values in his work environment, always seeking a more just society. In a frank and open dialogue, Dr. Bertelli talks about individual and collective rights, the access of the faithful to masses and religious services, and Christians’ mission in the face of the thousands of deaths caused by Covid-19 in Brazil.

Take the opportunity to enjoy this carefully crafted content, with the aim of increasing communion and friendship among the members of the Redemptorist Family. Enjoy the reading!

(Thamara Gomes,

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