The Cluain Mhuire Bell rings again in Mozambique


Finally the Cluain Mhuire bell is ringing out over the mountains and valleys of Furancungo in Mozambique

The Cluain Mhuire building is a huge edifice which was once a redemptorist monastery (1940)

More than 30 years ago, the Cluain Mhuire Bell was ringing in a Redemptorist House in Galway, now it is ringing in Furancungo, Mozambique.

It was blessed by Fr. Brian Holmes C.Ss.R.

Nine Redemptorists are currently working in Mozambique, six from Argentina, two from Ireland and one from Brazil in three large and challenging parishes. Though from diverse cultures and backgrounds they are making serious efforts to collaborate more closely together and to strengthen the Redemptorist mission in Mozambique. They are convinced that the future of the mission depends on developing the local church and fostering local vocations to the Redemptorists.

Our Irish confreres, along with Fr. Eridian from Brazil, continue to minister in Furancungo Parish. Since taking responsibility for this large rural parish in 2012 they have established strong and firm roots with the local people. The building of the new church, thanks to the support and generosity of so many here in Ireland, was a significant achievement and it is now the centre of a vibrant and lively faith community.

The Blessing of the Bell