Beatification of the 12 Redemptorist Martyrs to take place this October


On October 22nd of this year, we will celebrate, in the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, the Beatification of Fr. Vicente Renuncio Toribio C.Ss.R. and companions martyrs. In total, twelve confreres of our Redemptorist charism. The ceremony will be presided over by the Cardinal Prefect for the Causes of Saints, Marcello Semeraro.

The twelve martyrs, six priests and six coadjutor brothers, members of the two Redemptorist communities of Perpetual Help and Saint Michael the Archangel in Madrid, were all assassinated between July 20 and November 7, 1936, at the beginning of the bloody religious persecution that took place in Spain until 1939.

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Already now, we invite you to live with intensity this upcoming event for our Redemptorist Congregation – we can read on the website of the Redemptorists of the Province of Madrid who will host the celebration. – The best preparation, undoubtedly, is to strengthen our spirituality, to let ourselves be shaped more by the one who called us to our vocation and to work intensely for encounter, reconciliation and peace.

We are working to make it a celebration of all and for all. As the dates draw nearer, you will have precise information about the events, how they will take place and when we can participate. This ecclesial recognition gives us strength to remain firm in the mission and the “daily martyrdom” of serving humanity by offering the clean love of Jesus Christ the Lord.

May Mary of Perpetual Help continue to watch over our people and keep us Redemptorists – lay and consecrated – in the midst of them, being “balm and consolation” that fosters unity and communion.

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