Half a Million Vulnerable Children to be Assisted in Zimbabwe


The Redemptorists in Zimbabwe have been running a programme called the Mavambo Children Vana (MCV). This project ran from 2015 to September, 2022, with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

This has been a massive programme, spearheaded by Brother Benjamin Posvo and his team at Mavambo in which Mavambo provided services to at least 135,870 HIV-affected orphans and vulnerable children, 33,967 households, and 6,408 vulnerable youth during the past 7.5 years.

A very large group of Government officials were represented as well as many other partners for the ‘wind-up’ of this MVC programme. They were also present to witness the launch a very exciting and innovative programme known as the Mavambo Vana Activity. This is a multi-million, 5-year activity which will run from October 2022, to September, 2027 with funding from USAID.

Mavambo Children Vana 2022

This extraordinary gathering allowed the invited delegates to fully understand the project and the impact it had in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children, using a documentary presentation and personal witness. After the documentary, Brother Benjamin Posvo welcomed the delegates; and the children who were participants in the MCV programme were invited to give their testimonies. This was important because it highlighted how the programme has basically changed their lives.

Mavambo Children Vana 2023

The USAID Health Director stressed the importance of this new initiative which should touch the lives of around 500,000 children in the course of its outreach. As the guest were leaving, they met a group of children who benefitted from the Community Apprenticeship Programme displaying their wares.