Communication, community life, and mission go together.


Just a few days after Easter, April 12, the General Commission for Communication held its first online meeting in its new set-up. The new commission members had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Commission’s activities in the past sexennium and adopt guidelines for the current work.

– How can we improve our internal communication, assisting confreres in their ministry, encouraging them to share experiences, concerns, and joys to benefit all Congregation members? How can we communicate our missionary spirit and reach out to the people immersed in today’s digital world? – Fr. Rogério Gomes, who participated in the first part of the meeting, invited the Commission to reflect on it. Since this year has community life as a theme, Fr. General pointed out the role of communication in this area. 

Members of the Commission shared their experiences, expectations, and motivations that they bring in. They also reflected on the decisions of the recent General Chapters – XXV and XXVI, which refer directly to the communication and new media in connection with the formation and mission of the Congregation.

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