Indonesia: Redemptorist Young Priest Meeting


It has become an annual routine that the young confreres, ordained within the past five years, meet together to socialise, pray and have the opportunity for ongoing formation. This activity was held for two days, 24-25 October, at the retreat house St. Alphonsus-Weetebula.

On this occasion, they were accompanied by Fr. Laurensius Lino Maran, head of the young priests secretariat and Fr. Willy Ng Pala.

The entire program began with a dinner and prayer together. Then, the young Redemptorists were sharing their experiences of pastoral ministry in various places.

On the second day, the program began with a eucharistic celebration led by Fr. Hendra Resing. In his reflection, he reminded them to take care of the quality of ministry, that they are called to exercise as the missionary of hope.

The morning session began by exploring the guidelines for young Redemptorist priests as an important guide when going through transitions in ministry. Then reflections on the sexennium theme, “Missionary of hope in the footsteps of the Redeemer”, were explored together. Fr. Willy guided this reflection.

In the second session, Fr. Provincial, in a dialogue with the participants, reminded them that the energy and passion of youth as young Redemptorists should never be extinguished. He recalled the words of university professor Fr. Father Gita, who said: “We as priests must have awareness – the school is very expensive and takes a long time, lots of people are involved and praying. Therefore, don’t end up being a mass worker, hanging around at the rectory, just sleeping around. You as a priest must do more! Serve God more. Look at your friends outside; they are struggling and diligent in their field of work. We, as priests, must have ideas, know how to organise our lives and work and learn to work together for good results. Therefore, the people hope to have a priest who is diligent and faithful to his calling.”

All of the day’s sessions ended with a preparatory meeting for the formation of the Asia-Oceania Redemptorist Youth Day committee with young people. This activity will be held on June 30 – July 6, 2024.

This whole series of activities ended with dinner together and playing music together at the provincial house.

Fr. Willy Ng Pala CSSR

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